Friday, March 03, 2006

The History of sending out wedding invitations.

England's aristocracy first used handwritten matrimonial invitations back in the eighteenth century. These invites were received by kings, queens and other high society members. Handwritten announcements were a sign of sophistication and were usually written by educated servants. This marital tradition was carried on even after the invention of the modern printing press. Calligraphy pens were used to give letters dimension with thick and thin lines.
Although the printing press had been around since the fifteenth century, it was not used to produce invites until the twentieth century. This was because printing them with a press was considered unsophisticated. Once the practice of sending formal wedding invitations reached the United States, the elite started using printing presses. Because of the poor quality, these elite were forced to find new solutions. At this time, engraved invitations came in to practice. This procedure allowed much higher quality and was better suited to emulate calligraphy. The engraving process produces raised forms of lettering by cutting or pressing into the paper. Even today with great strides in technology, engraving is still considered the highest form of printing for bridal announcements.


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