Monday, March 13, 2006

The groom's traditional duties

Some of these may no longer be solely the groom's responsibility; for instance, the modern bride will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon plans and participate more actively in the toasts/speeches.
"Choose your wedding party" (best man and ushers).
Organize your family's part of the guest list.
Organize and pay for the marriage license.
Buy thank-you gifts for the best man and ushers.
Organize the honeymoon.
Make sure the best man has the checks, in envelopes, to be given to the officiator, the musicians, and anyone else rendering a service to be paid for immediately after the ceremony.
Get to the wedding ceremony on time.
In the receiving line, stand at your bride's left and accept congratulations graciously and with brevity.
The groom is usually the second person to propose a toast. After the master of ceremonies has toasted the bride and groom, the groom rises, thanks the MC, and then proposes a toast to his bride. He also responds to toasts to the bridal couple. (For complete information on toasts, go to the Toast Points section.)
Cut the cake with your bride. (The groom usually holds the cake knife, with his bride's hand poised on top of his.)
The bride and groom with the train then takes pictures after the ceremoney.


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