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Who should host a bridal shower?

The shower can be hosted by a close friend of the bride. It is considered improper for a family member of the bride to host because bridal showers are primarily a gift-giving event. However, family members can certainly help. Traditionally, the maid of honor hosts the shower, so if you want to help in planning, be sure to check with the maid of honor first. Commonly the maid of honor is a close friend or sister of the bride. In these cases, it is unacceptable for a family members to host the shower.

A unique bridal shower

Bring on the bride! its her Big Day.Create a unique bridal shower that she'll never forget! Whatever type of shower you are craving, remember that there's no limit to the creativity!
The shower gifts
The meat, the low-down, the nitty gritty of a bridal shower: what to get for a gift. Check out our ideas for creative wrapping tips as well as gift ideas and inspirations to delight and surprise the bride.
Shower her with gifts for the couple's new home. Lavish her with attention and love. Send the guests off with bridal shower favors that are beautiful, unique, or just plain fun.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wedding Decorations

Depending on the venue of your wedding ceremony and reception, your wedding decorations will be influenced. While certain location-specific decisions, such as table size, table cloths and curtains, chairs and wall decorations will have limited options, you will certainly have full control over wedding decorations such as flower arrangements, place-settings, wedding favors, food and beverage, and other atmospheric decor.

For your wedding decorations, you may wish to hire an interior decorator or flower arranger to help make your wedding location a beautiful place. If know one offhand, you can search online or consult with your wedding planner. When thinking about wedding decorations, you should think about not just the wedding decorations themselve, but you should keep in mind the overall color scheme of your wedding. What colors will you, your future spouse, and your wedding party going to be dressed in? What color table cloths and placesettings will you have? These factors are important and will lead you to a selection of flowers that will complement banquets and ceremonies

Bachelors Party

It is a western ritual that's here to stay. Yes Sir, throwing a wedding reception and a cocktail party isn't enough anymore. For those who know, the bachelor party is as integral a part of the wedding process as perhaps the sangeet ceremony. Increasingly, grooms, with their group of good friends are going in for fun and games before the seriousness of the various ceremonies come in.

The groom's traditional duties

Some of these may no longer be solely the groom's responsibility; for instance, the modern bride will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon plans and participate more actively in the toasts/speeches.
"Choose your wedding party" (best man and ushers).
Organize your family's part of the guest list.
Organize and pay for the marriage license.
Buy thank-you gifts for the best man and ushers.
Organize the honeymoon.
Make sure the best man has the checks, in envelopes, to be given to the officiator, the musicians, and anyone else rendering a service to be paid for immediately after the ceremony.
Get to the wedding ceremony on time.
In the receiving line, stand at your bride's left and accept congratulations graciously and with brevity.
The groom is usually the second person to propose a toast. After the master of ceremonies has toasted the bride and groom, the groom rises, thanks the MC, and then proposes a toast to his bride. He also responds to toasts to the bridal couple. (For complete information on toasts, go to the Toast Points section.)
Cut the cake with your bride. (The groom usually holds the cake knife, with his bride's hand poised on top of his.)
The bride and groom with the train then takes pictures after the ceremoney.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

grooms clothing

While you can certainly get married in a suit you already own, some other dressy clothing, a military uniform or cultural clothing like a kilt, most grooms choose to wear something more formal, i.e., a tuxedo with all the trimmings. They can be single or double breasted. You can buy your own if you think you will have lots of occasions to wear a tux, but most grooms and attendants rent them. If you want everyone to match, and if a groomsman will wear his own tuxedo, the shirts and accessories should all be rented, since colors, styles, ties, studs and cuff links will vary. The groom/groomsmen clothing should match the formality of the wedding and the time of day of the wedding/reception. For instance, morning, daytime or early afternoon weddings may call for a cutaway or stroller jacket and striped pants instead of a traditional tuxedo.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grooms guide to a perfect wedding

Now that you've gotten the ring and proposal out of the way, here are a few tips to help your trip to the altar run smoothly..

Just as the bride needs time to organise her wedding gown, you will need to start looking into your options about 4 or 5 months before the big day. Don't wait till the week before your wedding to figure out what you're going to wear because you may not be able to find what you are after on such short notice.
Make sure you have decided beforehand if you will rent our purchase a suit for the day and also find out which style will suit you best. Your formalwear should be purchased or reserved about 3 months before the wedding.
Ask your bride for some details about her gown. This will help you to co-ordinate your outfits so that you'll both look fantastic on the day and your outfits will compliment each other.
Try not to shave the day before your wedding. Have a shave right before you plan to get dressed for the ceremony. You'll be soft and smooth for your bride. There's nothing worse than prickling her with stubble.
The last thing you want is a shaving rash. Avoid razor burns by shaving in the direction of hair growth.
Keep breath mints in your pocket and you'll have a fresh breath all day long.
On the day of your wedding eat a hearty breakfast and try to relax.
Don't smoke or drink alcohol before you go pick up your bride. You will want to smell and behave your best when you arrive at her place.
Perfume and flowers will fill the air so you don't need to wear cologne. The clean smell of soap should be all you need.

Make sure you have these things before the wedding day:
- Polished shoes
- Shirt studs for tuxedo shirt
- Bow tie
- Cufflinks
- Socks usually black
- Tuxedo or suit
- Cumberbund/vest

Monday, March 06, 2006

Do you prefer a Garden Wedding?

Garden Wedding Themes
Drawing upon nature's elements is a natural choice for creating an enchanting wedding d├ęcor.
The key to pulling off a coordinated wedding reception: Evoke your theme thoughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower or holiday, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your reception location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!
Decide on the type of garden you want to be reflected in your decor before choosing your reception.
If you must hold your reception indoors during the day then let the sun shine in for your garden reception by choosing a reception site with window that let the light stream in to brillantly illuminate your lavish garden design.

Hair make that you deserve

You deserve to be Queen-for-the-day! Allow yourself to be pampered and indulged on your wedding day. A professional hairstylist will come to your room to style your hair and apply make-up professionally, and also help you get dressed. For best photography, it's highly recommended that you do something special with your hair and apply at least a little make-up, even if you normally don't wear it. Prices do not include gratuity.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tips for the perfect wedding hair style:

Show your hair stylist a picture of the prom hair style you want so he/she can adapt the style for your hair.
Don't wash your hair 24 hours before your hair appointment--it will hold better.
Wear a button-up shirt while having your hair done so it will be easy to change into your wedding dress.
Use plenty of hair spray so your style will hold all evening.
Chemically color, curl or straighten your hair several weeks before the wedding.
Accent your wedding hair style with hair jewelry, beads, clips, etc. to coordinate with your wedding dress.
Wear a tiara with matching necklace.
Try matching or colored hair pieces for a good look.
Have your hair done by early afternoon the day of the wedding to avoid last minute frustrations.
Try on your wedding jewelry after the stylist finishes to make sure you like the total effect.
Make wedding photos appointments early in the evening while your hair, make-up and wedding dress are still fresh looking.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Why do so many brides wear a tiara?

Why do so many brides wear a tiara? Why is a wedding tiara such an important part of your ensemble?
tiara from Princess Bride Tiaras tells your new family something about who you are. It lets them know that you honor tradition. Tiaras have been used to reaffirm the dignity and beauty of women for thousands of years. It lets them know that you have a sense of style that is elegant, tasteful, and timeless. A tiara from Princess Bride Tiaras may be worn with dignity and imposing effect--the perfect finishing touch to your elegant bridal ensemble.

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Significance of diamond stones on engagement rings and bands

Diamond has served many forms of jewelry superbly, but the smallest form is the one that catches our interest the most -- the diamond ring given in token of love and marriage. The actual history of this tradition transcends the perception of its creation as marketing hyperbole. The modern solitaire is just the most recent step on a long road from the past.
Rings date back several millennia, but ones given as tokens of love are first noted by the comic Roman poet Plautus in the 2nd century BCE. Wedding rings are known because of interior inscriptions recording the marriage contracts signed in the presence of the Emperor's image. The custom was continued and Christianized by the 4th century, demonstrated by St. Augustine's imploring priests to permit weddings without the exchange of rings. Byzantine wedding rings are thick gold bands with round or oval bezels depicting the couple face to face, or receiving Christ's blessing on their union.

The significance of the wedding ring was clearly defined in the 7th century by the bishop and chronicler Isidore of Seville (c. 560-636): "It was given by the spouser to the espoused whether for a sign of mutual fidelity or still more to join their hearts to this pledge and that therefore the ring is placed on the fourth finger because a certain vein is said to flow from thence to the heart." The portraits above present Hapsburg Emperor Maximilian I (by Bernard Strigel, ca. 1500) and Mary, his wife, Duchess of Burgundy and daughter of Charles the Bold (ascribed to Niclas Reiser, ca. 1500). The union in 1477 was celebrated by the exchange of a diamond betrothal ring, which would have been an early example and perhaps the first royal one.

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Wedding breakfast

Confusingly, the wedding breakfast is usually not a morning meal (breakfast), but is the traditional name for the dinner given to the bride, bridegroom and guests at the wedding reception that follows a wedding in the United Kingdom.

The History of sending out wedding invitations.

England's aristocracy first used handwritten matrimonial invitations back in the eighteenth century. These invites were received by kings, queens and other high society members. Handwritten announcements were a sign of sophistication and were usually written by educated servants. This marital tradition was carried on even after the invention of the modern printing press. Calligraphy pens were used to give letters dimension with thick and thin lines.
Although the printing press had been around since the fifteenth century, it was not used to produce invites until the twentieth century. This was because printing them with a press was considered unsophisticated. Once the practice of sending formal wedding invitations reached the United States, the elite started using printing presses. Because of the poor quality, these elite were forced to find new solutions. At this time, engraved invitations came in to practice. This procedure allowed much higher quality and was better suited to emulate calligraphy. The engraving process produces raised forms of lettering by cutting or pressing into the paper. Even today with great strides in technology, engraving is still considered the highest form of printing for bridal announcements.

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