Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The bride and The groom. what do you want your wedding to be lilke?


Our old lives ending our new life begun!
We pray that life will be a warming sun,
Forever burning, lighting up a way
Of love and peace, through an eternal day
Full of kind deeds, born of a mutual caring
Sweet little things to make our lives endearing.

Pray that we'll love full free, and that we'll give,
With selflessness, as long as we both live,
Not only pleasures, thrills, and joys ? well spent!
But hope, and faith, and trust, and sweet content
To each other ... and pray we'll bare our hearts,
To learn the maxims there which Love imparts,
So when comes trouble, or a little woe,
By understanding, friends, the cause will go?.

Our wedding is the fusion of our souls,
Our hearts, our loves, our minds, our goals,
Forever into one.... Does that sound wise?
To us, it does; and we will compromise
That our two lives may blossom as one flower,
Which grows more fragrant every passing hour,
And sends its perfume lingering on the air,
Sweet as a song that will not disappear
But haunts us, with clear notes, throughout the day;
And haunts us still, though our youth fade away.

Yes, by our true love bound husband and wife!
We'll be the essence of each other's life!
The yearning and the breath! and yes, the star!
And all the other precious things that are....

We'll love so deep! Our love will be so true
Fresher than roses in dawn's gems of dew.

Our love is great, and it will rise so tall,
In width and depth, our love will surpass all!
Let's pray our love won't know divorce's,
And, like some mountain, crumble into dirt...

We hope that God will guide us from above,
And grant us peace, to sanctify our love.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Simply Exquisite

This will catch your eyes. From now be on the look out for the most beautiful bridal shoes online. Make sure the fabric,colur,size matches and fits you and your wedding gown.Coordinate your wedding shoe fabric with your dress material. You'll want to match your shoes to the fabric at the hem of your gown, rather than the bodice. Boca is a shimmering fabric, without the heavy shine of satin or the flatness of crepe. We recommend Boca for gowns made of organza, chiffon, silk, tulle, lace, everything, in fact, except Satin. For Satin gowns you will need Satin wedding shoes.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Best Ride

An openair wedding car i fill is the most suitable wedding car for ouy out there. Its your choice if you want a covered one, but let it be the best of all, let it STAND OUT of every other cars around.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Reception reception

Wedding reception is the first party that a bride and groom host as husband and wife. Responsible, gracious hosts make sure their guests are their first priority.
The reception is the largest expense of your wedding, don't begin married life heartbroken and broke.The reception is the celebration of your marriage - the tone and style should reflect and compliment your wedding theme.
Choosing the right caterer is very important. The caterers will supply all dishes, flatware, glasses, cups, saucers, and table linens.
Your guests should not pay for their own beverages and they should be given plenty to eat and drink.
A sit-down dinner reception for 150, with dancing, will take five hours: one hour for cocktails, four hours for dinner, dancing, and everything else.
Do not allow the caterer or property to control the consumption of drinks.
If they charge for open bottles, for every open bottle, consumed or not, you pay for it.
If they charge by the drink, every drink that's consumed, you pay for it.
The solution is to limit the number of carterers serving drinks. You should have on average one for carterers every fifty guests.

The groom and the groom's men

Groom's Clothing top

Most grooms and attendants opt to rent their wedding day suit from a formal wear hire store to ensure the same style and colour of suits. The groom’s suit should complement the bridal gown.

Traditionally, the groom wears a suit with a white shirt and either a bow tie or neck tie and a corsage in his jacket lapel. You will find that modern day grooms are choosing to wear colours that will blend in with the rest of the bridal party or the flowers, whether it be their shirt or tie or with an added vest. Browse through bridal magazines or visit some formal wear hire shops to get some ideas of what is available.

The colours for the bride’s attendants should be decided before you organise the colours for the male attendants. As with the bride, the groom should stand out from the rest of his attendants. The groom’s outfit can differ from his attendants through the use of a coloured vest, tie or shirt.

The groomsmen can complement the bridesmaids by wearing a cummerbund or shirt in the same colour as the bridesmaids gowns. This has a great effect for photographs and when they are in line for official duties. You may choose to have their accessories of similar colour to the groom, but remember that the groom needs to stand out from
his attendants.

As with the bride’s attendants, the groomsmen are responsible for the cost of their suit hire and for any other accessories. The groom and his attendants need to go shopping together to tailors or suit hire shops to ensure that everyone is happy with the selection. Arrange to have regular fittings and a final fitting no later than a week before the wedding.

The groom and his attendants normally all wear the same colour shoes, traditionally black, but not necessarily of the same style. If possible, take the shoes along to the first fitting to see if different shoe styles are suitable.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wedding Cake

A Good Starting Point! First, analyze the following:
number of guests
how much have you budgeted for your cake
what design, style or number of tiers
what colors and decorations should be included
what type of cake top (if any) will you be using
will the cake be the main dessert or will it be part of a sweet table

Tips for Wedding Flowers You'll love.

1. Discuss your budget with your Reasor's florist. He or she will be able to discuss several price options.

2. Allow your florist to place the floral decorations on the cake. The florist may wish to work with the caterer to achieve the desired results.

3. Ask questions about the flowers your florist is suggesting: how long will they last, what do they look like.

4. Most brides still abide by the custom of having "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Your florist can suggest ways for you to incorporate this into yor flower selection.

Wedding Etiquette

It is important to discuss wedding expenses in the initial stage of planning. These expenses are traditionally assumed by the bride and groom and their families as shown below. However, today's bride and groom often share the expenses with their parents, and may even choose to pay for the entire wedding themselves.

Plan to have 2 hosts and hostesses. They will keep things moving, attend to last minute details and supervise activities at the reception. Their presence will help you relax and enjoy the wedding you have so carefully planned.