Thursday, January 26, 2006

planning, its all about you.

Planning your wedding

Wedding planning can be a wonderful experience or a total disaster. is your key to good wedding planning.

Wedding planning can be a wonderful experience or a total disaster. It all depends on how you approach your wedding. What type of wedding are you planning? A traditional and large religious ceremony with hundreds of guests? Or a civil event with only a few close friends and relatives? Maybe you want a tasteful modern wedding at a park with Sushi and thousands of doves. With the options available today you have an infinite number of ways to say “I do.” Wedding planning doesn’t have to be as complicated as most people make it. Not only are there thousands of books and online resources for the do-it-yourself bride, but there are seasoned professionals who can plan even the most unique event. If you are having trouble deciding what you want to do, then just remember that your wedding should be about you.

Everyone is going to have their own suggestions about wedding concepts, but you are the one who really needs to be in charge. If you are having trouble deciding, start with a budget. Then you need to write down each of your ideas and rank them in importance.

Making your wedding a perfect match

The overall theme of the wedding needs to be consistent through out the décor. It is easy to focus on any one particular item (the wedding cake) and lose track of all the others. But keeping track everything will ensure that your cake matches your dress, which matches your flowers, which matches the environment. If something doesn’t work out then be brave enough to get rid of it.


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i absolutely love your site. its so cute. are you planning to be a professional in wedding planning? it'll suit you.

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