Thursday, July 27, 2006

Your wedding checklist

Essential wedding tasks month by month

Easy Wedding Checklist
Start your wedding planning with an easy-to-use wedding checklist that will keep you organized and on top of things! I suggest you print out these wedding checklists and put them in your wedding notebook for easy reference. Your Wedding Checklist: 10 to 12 months before your weddingRead The First Ten Steps for a Newly Engaged CoupleTell your parents, important family members, and close friends the good news! Arrange for your families to meet, if they haven't done so alreadyAnnounce your engagement – either in the newspaper, on a wedding website with an email sent out to all your friends, or in the most traditional way, with mailed engagement announcementsHave an engagement party, if you'd likeEnvision the theme and tone of your wedding: Formal or casual? Day or evening? Religious or secular?Set your budget, read Ways to Save Money on Your WeddingDecide who's paying for the wedding, or who's going to contributeStart your guest listSelect date and time (have backup dates in mind, in case a key element is unavailable)Select and reserve your ceremony and reception sitesHire a wedding consultant, if you're using oneChoose and book officiantChoose bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushersMeet with florists, caterers, and musicians.Arrange for a tasting with your caterer

How to set wedding menu

Here's How:
Decide on the time of day and season of the year. Will you have a summer meal at 2 PM or an elegant winter dinner at 8 PM? This is perhaps the most important decision you will make, and will be dependent on the availability of your venue.
Consult your wedding budget. If you're cost-cutting, filet mignon will not be an option. The more options you offer guests, generally the more your expenses will build. If your budget is tight, you might consider a cocktail reception, afternoon tea, or dessert reception.
Talk to your caterer. Are there particular dishes that they're known for, or that they recommend? If you're catering your own wedding, what recipes are always a crowd-pleaser? Make sure they're aware of the budget you've set.
Choose both stationery and passed hors d'oeuvres, as well as both hot and cold ones. Your guests will always be able to go to a station rather than chasing waiters around, but guests engrossed in conversation will still have a chance to nibble.
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Ask your caterer if they can incorporate an old family recipe. Your guests will enjoy this personal touch.
Make sure you include foods that you love. Enjoying your wedding day is a priority, and it will help to make your menu personal.
Incorporate foods from your family's heritage. Relatives and guests will bond over shared experiences.
Think about going outside of a traditional menu. For example, some couples these days are opting for a dessert reception, rather than a traditional sit-down menu. This is not only a budget saver, but can be a great personal touch for the couple with a sweet-touth.
Ask to go for a tasting. You'll have a chance to sample the foods and find out what the standouts are. Although many caterers will give a complimentary tasting to the bride and groom, consider asking what it will cost for your parents or honor attendants to attend, to give you other opinions.
Ask your caterer what dietary options are available. Generally today's couples will want to offer non-red-meat fare, as well as a vegetarian option. If your caterer says "We have a nice veggie sides plate" make sure you taste it. I've been to far too many weddings where the vegetarian option is bland vegetables heaped unattractively on a plate.
Finally, write your proposed menu down and consider if anything is missing, or out of place. Show it to trusted friends to see if they have any suggestions. Make sure to settle your menu with your caterer by their deadlines so you don't needlessly stress them, or add to costs.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cake toper and figurine for your wedding cakes

These beautiful wedding figurine feature an African bride and groom. Available in two styles.

This clear acrylic square cake top features an elegant etched initial in the center. Available in all letters of the alphabet.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weddings away from home, often called destination weddings, combined with honeymoon getaways are rapidly growing in popularity.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Flowers, The Language Of Love

Flowers Truly Reach Your Soul.
Flowers are a heartfelt, natural way to lift our spirits. They can provide a smile for a tired face or brighten a room for a convalescent. Just imagine your favourite flower. Are you smiling yet? You are obviously in a better mood.

There is not a doubt that beautiful surroundings provide us with a favourite environment that helps us thrive. Flowers are an elementary and affordable way to add a splash of color and emotion into your life.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Your wedding cake

The main focus of most wedding receptions is the wedding cake. Not many people leave the reception before the cake is cut, as it is an important tradition. Your wedding cake will feature in a lot of wedding photographs, which you will have to look at for years to come. Thus, you should take some time to choose the perfect wedding cake.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who should host a bridal shower?

The shower can be hosted by a close friend of the bride. It is considered improper for a family member of the bride to host because bridal showers are primarily a gift-giving event. However, family members can certainly help. Traditionally, the maid of honor hosts the shower, so if you want to help in planning, be sure to check with the maid of honor first. Commonly the maid of honor is a close friend or sister of the bride. In these cases, it is unacceptable for a family members to host the shower.

A unique bridal shower

Bring on the bride! its her Big Day.Create a unique bridal shower that she'll never forget! Whatever type of shower you are craving, remember that there's no limit to the creativity!
The shower gifts
The meat, the low-down, the nitty gritty of a bridal shower: what to get for a gift. Check out our ideas for creative wrapping tips as well as gift ideas and inspirations to delight and surprise the bride.
Shower her with gifts for the couple's new home. Lavish her with attention and love. Send the guests off with bridal shower favors that are beautiful, unique, or just plain fun.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wedding Decorations

Depending on the venue of your wedding ceremony and reception, your wedding decorations will be influenced. While certain location-specific decisions, such as table size, table cloths and curtains, chairs and wall decorations will have limited options, you will certainly have full control over wedding decorations such as flower arrangements, place-settings, wedding favors, food and beverage, and other atmospheric decor.

For your wedding decorations, you may wish to hire an interior decorator or flower arranger to help make your wedding location a beautiful place. If know one offhand, you can search online or consult with your wedding planner. When thinking about wedding decorations, you should think about not just the wedding decorations themselve, but you should keep in mind the overall color scheme of your wedding. What colors will you, your future spouse, and your wedding party going to be dressed in? What color table cloths and placesettings will you have? These factors are important and will lead you to a selection of flowers that will complement banquets and ceremonies

Bachelors Party

It is a western ritual that's here to stay. Yes Sir, throwing a wedding reception and a cocktail party isn't enough anymore. For those who know, the bachelor party is as integral a part of the wedding process as perhaps the sangeet ceremony. Increasingly, grooms, with their group of good friends are going in for fun and games before the seriousness of the various ceremonies come in.

The groom's traditional duties

Some of these may no longer be solely the groom's responsibility; for instance, the modern bride will probably want to have a say in the honeymoon plans and participate more actively in the toasts/speeches.
"Choose your wedding party" (best man and ushers).
Organize your family's part of the guest list.
Organize and pay for the marriage license.
Buy thank-you gifts for the best man and ushers.
Organize the honeymoon.
Make sure the best man has the checks, in envelopes, to be given to the officiator, the musicians, and anyone else rendering a service to be paid for immediately after the ceremony.
Get to the wedding ceremony on time.
In the receiving line, stand at your bride's left and accept congratulations graciously and with brevity.
The groom is usually the second person to propose a toast. After the master of ceremonies has toasted the bride and groom, the groom rises, thanks the MC, and then proposes a toast to his bride. He also responds to toasts to the bridal couple. (For complete information on toasts, go to the Toast Points section.)
Cut the cake with your bride. (The groom usually holds the cake knife, with his bride's hand poised on top of his.)
The bride and groom with the train then takes pictures after the ceremoney.